Monday, 9 February 2009


Ive just managed to battle my way back home through six feet of snow!

There aren't many things that would make me drive 600 miles, through arctic conditions, screaming children in stereo from all angles of the car, lack of sleep, lack of food and worse of all missing Antiques Roadshow on Sunday night!

That however was the case this Weekend where myself and my family were invited to attend my baby brothers wedding, The wedding of the century.

As I have previously alluded to, the thought of travelling in the current conditions may have been enough to put many less hardy off, but I wouldn't have missed it for the World!

My little brother has tied the knot! everything is now legal! and being a fiercely religious man, damn time too.

The wedding was Fantastic, My new sister-in-law Siobhan, although a Norwich City fan, is also Fantastic, a more than welcome addition to the legendary Saunders Clan! and little Findlay, although destined to a life of supporting Norwich City, is Fantastic also. That's three Fantastics in one paragraph----Fantastic!

It was also lovely to see all the members of my family, who I have not seen for some time, and to meet members of Siobhans family, Ooh, now were all family, blimey were bigger than the Waltons!

I was honoured to be included in the proceedings as a witness to the vows, along with my little son Archie, who became an unofficial witness, due to his attachment to my side throughout the ceremony, and was so pleased as to how well my other children behaved, throughout the day.

The Brides father and the best mans speech were a joy, offering an insight in to the shenanigans of both Siobhan and Adams teenage years, of which I was not aware of.

The whole wedding seemed to run like clockwork, and the hard work put in to make such a wonderful event must have been enormous, but what a complete success it was!

Well that's about enough from me, just battled my way back to the Highlands, and thought Id write a few words before I start to thaw myself out.

So finally, from Sasha, my lovely wife, all the wee Saunders bairns and myself....

Thanks Adam and Siobhan! Have a fantastic life----s#*t that's four fantastics now. Sounds like a bloody film.


  1. I had such a lovely speech planned, a touch of humour to begin, and then more importantly, some really heart felt comments about how my big brother had moved hell and earth to get to Norwich. Unfortunately, the emotion of the day, most notably Sean alluding to Findlay and my relationship with him through all my plans in to disarray, and I cant even remember what I finally managed to babble out.

    I will always be grateful to you for getting there. And I can honestly say I would have been devasted (we would have been devastated) if you were unable to attend. You are a very special person to me, which is why your involvement was so important to me.

    The kids were great and I have heard nothing but praise from various people regarding Sasha and you and how nice you both seemed. I know how nice you both are, and the kids were and remain a credit to you both.

    I wish I could have spent more time with you all, and I wish we could see you more often than we do. Once you are a best selling author you can pay for us to come and see you.

    Lots of love to you all. Thanks for coming, and more importantly thanks for being a great brother and friend.

    Adam, Siobhan and Findlay xxx

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about including four 'fantastics' in your blog. Not noticed in all of the euphoric compliments being bandied about, is the fact that there were too many 'or's contained in paragraph 9.( Plus how many fathers does the bride have?)