Monday, 9 February 2009


I like to cook, I like to watch good cooks cook. I don't however like Anthony Warrell Thompson.

Who is neither a good cook, or someone I like to watch for too long!

If hes not ramming his latest Kitchen labour saving device down our throats, on QVC, or advertising his latest turbo charged egg whisk and combined chicken plucker in the daily tabloid, then He's cooking up rats tail and witchety bug souffles in the jungle!!

I don't like to be cruel to the afflicted, but he must have been hit extremely hard with the ugly stick, and then beaten severely with it for a couple of hours.

His physical features however are not the reason for my high blood pressure, Its his business dealings which have turned my face a darker shade of puse.

I am led to believe that poor Mr Thompson is feeling the effects of the recession, to such an extent that he has been forced to close a number of his 'fat Chef' eateries.

Before I open my daughters violin case and play myself into a depression, I would remind myself of a few details..

Apparently Mr Thompsons bank would not increase his, already not insignificant, business over draught, to the tune of £200,000.00. Which by all accounts would have paid off his creditors, and enabled Mr Thompson to sail out of the recession into even greater profits.

It is now the banks fault that 3 of Mr Thompsons trough shops, will be forced into receivership, not that his food is bland, and the punters are sick of dining on a celebrity chefs name alone, Oh no it is the banks fault.

Miraculously though Mr Thompson has managed to finance some £350,000.00 privately, to enable him to buy back two of his nosh shops, leaving no doubt the poor creditors and debts of the business empire to the receivers and the toxic remaining business. Cynical maybe, but I'm sure that Mr Thompson will come up smelling of saffron fragrance roses.

Hooray, cant wait to see him back on TV, or look forward to his next best seller.!!!

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